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Camera and wireless charging UPDATED Everything we've heard so far about the new iPhone 6

iPhone 6 camera

he best iPhone camera yet
Apple's bought camera sensors from Sony before, and this year we're going to see a new, 13-megapixel sensor that takes up less room without compromising image quality. But that's not what everybody thinks.
The China Post, quoting a tip from the country's Nomura Security, claims that the next iPhone won't go for a 12 or 16-megapixel sensor,

instead sticking to the existing 8-megapixel unit. However, with more recent rumors believing that Apple has signed up to use a new material that will dramatically improve the quality of light trickling into the phone, a 10MP+ sensor could be possible.
But why go for more megapixels if the pictures won't be any better? The notion that Apple will stick with an 8MP sensor might not be so good for marketing, but the news states the iPhone 6 will have an f/2.0 apertureand dramatically enhanced image processing, your snaps will look so good that most won't even care that the numbers are down.
And you shouldn't - 5MP is enough to blow up a photo to A3 size, so when are you going to need more?
On top of that, more impressive tech will also help make your snaps stand out. A patent confirms this, saying Apple's aim is to use "voice coil motor actuators" to move the lens around the optical axis.
An Apple patent, uncovered by Apple Insider in May 2013, shows a system where an iPhone can remotely control other illuminating devices - extra flashes. It would work in a similar manner to that seen in professional photography studios. Interesting stuff.

Say Cheese to the iPhone 6
Will the iPhone 6 be handy for pro photographers? [Image credit: Apple Insider]

iPhone 6 Sapphire crystals
GT Advanced Technologies provides crystal grow equipment and materials for consumer electronics, among other industries and has announced that it's signed a multi-year supply agreement with Apple to provide sapphire materials.
Sapphire has figured prominently in recent Apple products - the iPhone 5S' Touch ID fingerprint reader features a cut sapphire crystal cover and theiPhone 5 was the first to feature a sapphire crystal lens.So what will we see in the iPhone 6? Certainly the Touch ID fingerprint reader, but also other scratch-proof materials - as we said, possibly the display, which makes a lot of sense.
GT says it will own and operate the machinery to produce this stuff at a new Apple plant in Arizona - and as we mentioned above, Apple has bought a lot of this material, despite it being so goshdarn expensive that it might not be cost-effective to bring it as a screen cover.
Apple has also filed a "Sapphire Windows" patent (discovered by Appleinsider) which details the numerous methods of growing, harvesting and polishing transparent sapphire wafers, then cutting them with advanced lasers.

Sapphire Windows: coming to an iPhone near you [Credit: Apple Insider]
Sappire Windows

iPhone 6 wireless charging
Wireless charging still isn't mainstream. Could Apple help give it a push? CP Tech reports that Apple has filed a patent for efficient wireless charging, but then again Apple has filed patents for pretty much anything imaginable.
The tasty bit of this particular patent is that Apple's tech wouldn't just charge one device, but multiple ones. Here are more details on the iPhone 6 wireless charging patent.
Meanwhile, a further Apple patent seems to imply that future iPhones will be able to adjust volume as you move them away from your ear.

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