Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How To Take Screenshot on Tecno Android phones without Rooting

Taking screenshot is something everyone loves doing.For instance, you may want to have a screenshot of highest score you  got  while playing playing your favorite game so that you can share it with your friends or  you  may need a screenshot  to send to an expert of the problem you encountered on your phone. Even internet experts and bloggers do use screenshot for apps review purposes. No matter your reason for needing a screenshot,here is a working means of taking screenshots on your tecno android phones without rooting your phone. There are two possible means of taking screenshot on your non rooted techno android phone,but for the purpose of this post we only look at one,which is described below To take a screenshot on non rooted android simply hold down the lower volume button and the power button simultaneously for some seconds until you hear a click/clicky sound,which indicates your screenshot has been taken. Your screenshot will automatically be saved in the screenshot folder of your phone gallery. Nb..The method described here does not appy to phones running on  Android 2.3 and below

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