Sunday, November 13, 2016


Welcome to Icharity club. To start You need to donate only N6,000 once, and refer 5 people who will donate the same mount to you, that means you will make N30,000 instantly and you move up to the 2nd level by investing 12,000, and more people will invest the same in you, it's goes on like that. In a few months less than a year, you will make up to 100 million naira. Read how it works after that IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. SAY YES so I send you a link to register and join. THIS IS THE BEST EVER.
iCharity Club Worldwide
How it works?
Everybody contributes by making donations and everybody earns from donations from others.
E. G You donate N6,000 only to your sponsor/upline then receive N6000 donations each from 5 other members you directly referred or referred by your sponsor/upline (I. E the person that reffered you to the business) So from these 5 people's donations, you earn N30 000. And it continues. The chart I have shown BELOW explains better. Note: All extra referrals will be auto-placed under your direct referrals until its full. It is called Spillover.

*Grade 1 donation to upline is N6,000
You will receive N6,000 from 5 people = N30,000

*Grade 2 donation to upline is N12,000
You will receive N12,000 naira from 25 people =N300,000

*Grade 3 donation to upline is N24,000
You will receive N24,000 from 125 people = N3,000,000

*Grade 4 donation to upline is N36,000
You will receive N36,000 from 625 people =N22,500,000

*Grade 5 donation to upline is N60,000
You will receive N60000 from 3,125 people = N187,500,000

*Grade 6 donation to upline is N90,000
You will receive N90,000 from 15,625 people = N1,406,250,000

*Grade 7 donation to upline is N120,000.
You will receive N120,000 each  from 78,125 people =N9,375,000,000

*Grade 8 donation to upline is N240,000.
You will receive N240,000 each from 390,625 people =N93,750,000,000 and more
BE WISE start your journey to financial freedom by registering now. http://icharity.club/member/register/?ref=comptecq

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