Monday, October 21, 2013

How to fix windows 8 crash and keeps rebooting

Windows 8 crash dumping is very common among windows 8 problems. It may be a troublesome issue for many windows 8 users for most of them do not know how to deal with it. As a matter of fact, we can easily remove the problem even windows 8 keeps restarting if we can do as follows:

Steps to fix windows 8 keeps crashing or rebooting

1.Try to troubleshoot whether if the crash happens every time a certain hardware device is plugged in or switched on, the device itself might be to blame. Check drivers update for the device, download and install them to erase any bugs that might exist in your version. Similarly, if windows 8 reboot only happens when using one particular application, that program might also be the root cause. Otherwise switch to step 2.

2.Download a registry cleaner to detect if there any registry errors exists. The registry cleaner will attempt to fix any problems found in the system registry keys and would usually prompt the user for a preferred action once an encountered error cannot be resolved.
3.If the issue still exists, you can try to download and install a fixing software. Such as Windows Boot Genius, Windows Boot Genius is a multiple windows repair tool which can be used to fix all computer errors, create bootable CD/USB, recover data lost and unlock windows password, etc. It seems to be more effective and quick for us to fix windows 8 boot crash.
It is very easy for us to fix such an issue if we keep patient and put our heart into it. This solution can totally repair any windows 8 keeps restarting troubles. With the help of Windows Boot Genius, fix windows 8 is no longer as hard as past. Everyone of us is able to handle that in an easy way.

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