According to an anonymous source who goes by WZOR (and who has been behind numerous Microsoft leaks in the past), Windows 9 will see the light of day in 2014. No other details were provided, other than the claim that Aero would be making a comeback in Windows 9 after disappearing in Windows 8, since it was a hot feature that many avid Windows users missed.
Details on Windows 10 were also provided, with claims that the future operating system will be a “cloud OS,” meaning that all of the processing and computing would be done on Microsoft’s servers, and be streamed to your computer, completely eliminating the need for a powerful rig and only requiring the basic bits to run peripherals and such. Windows 10 would essentially just be a new cloud service for Microsoft, on top of Office 365 and the new Xbox Cloud on Xbox One, pushing the company further into the cloud ecosystem.
Of course, we would like to remind you to take these rumors with a grain of salt, as WZOR says he received the information from a third party, which means the info could’ve easily gotten misinterpreted on the way, similar to a game of telephone that you used to play in grade school. The technology for a full cloud OS is certainly there, but it definitely needs a bit of work before Microsoft can make it a mainstream product. Here’s hoping that the company can pull it off, and by then local storage may be a thing of the past.